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Earn 8% to 14% plus
ON FIRST TRUST DEED SECURED NOTES, interest is paid monthly, no fee to lender, safe, secured, 1 to 5 year terms, one year interest guaranteed on refinances. There is a minimum of $10,000 in investment which makes this option available to many people. The average C.D. requires the same investment and vestiture with a far lower return.

Why should I invest in Trust Deeds?
  • You receive a higher than average rate of return.
  • You choose the Trust Deed to invest in.
  • You select the term, amount, and type of property.
  • Absolutely no cost to you.
  • Excellent for Retirement Accounts and Profit Sharing Trusts.
  • Details of Trust Deed transactions are handled by experienced Real Estate Attorneys.
  • Fixed rate of return for the term of the Trust Deed.

Where is the catch in Trust Deed Secured Notes?
This may sound too good to be true and there is a risk. If your Trust Deed does not pay, you would have to foreclose on the property. After legal foreclosure, you would own the property. Keep in mind you have chosen the property, the amount of risk and you are only at a 50% loan to value ratio!

Who invests in Trust Deed Secured Notes?
Anyone who is looking for a higher than average rate of return on their invested dollar with safety and security.

Q and A

What are Trust Deed Secured Notes?
Trust Deed Secured Notes are promissory notes secured by first deeds of Trust or Mortgages against Real Estate.

How secure is my money?
Most loans have no more than 50% loan to value on any Trust Deed. For example a property currently appraised at $50,000 would have a maximum lending value of $25,000, In most cases.

What are my costs?
The borrower pays all fees. There are absolutely no costs to the lender.

How do I know where my money goes?
You will receive a list of Trust Deeds periodically; you select the actual Trust Deeds that attract you and we will give you additional information. You decide where your money goes!

How am I repaid?
The payments can be interest only or both principle and interest, depending upon your decision and are made to you monthly through an independent escrow agent of your choice.

How else am I protected?
In addition to a first deed of trust on property at no more than 50% of the property's value, you are provided with Title Insurance, guaranteeing your first position on the property, and hzard insurance coverage on any improvements naming you as loss payable in the event of damage..
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